Overview of Institute for Education (IFE) intern responsibilities: Work is primarily virtual, with the exception of attendance at IFE forums and events in public policy, technology and innovation all in pursuit of the mission of IFE. Services and responsibilities required of interns at IFE events vary upon event type.

As an IFE Intern, you will:

  • Act as hospitality ambassadors at IFE forums;
  • Maintain IFE email distribution list;
  • Manage IFE newsletter: learn to use our mail service vertical response;
  • Manage IFE database;
  • Expand IFE’s Social Media outreach;
  • General research;
  • Edit IFE webpage articles, correspondence, and other documents;
  • Help with website maintenance and design; and
  • Participate in IFE’s Next Gen Roundtable events and contribute to event planning.

The Institute for Education (IFE) internship program encourages young global citizens to begin to contemplate what it means to be a global leader in contemporary times. IFE aspires to cultivate the existing desire for change and a duty to service in young global citizens by applying existing skills while coaching various new skill sets.

One of the many benefits of being an IFE intern is getting to be a fly on the wall as thought leaders, game changers, and opinion leaders speak to Washington’s leadership audience and seeing the collaboration and conversation of diplomacy and civility in action.

These are conversations that are not lost to the echoes of a cavernous  room, but nestled and nurtured in the intimate settings of IFE’s event venues that range from embassies, diplomat residences, the White House, and clubs. Attendance at such forums is priceless.

IFE is a lean and agile institution that has room for the thoughts of interns. IFE applauds and encourages initiative and innovation.