The IFE Media and Technology Roundtable (MTR) reflects IFE’s commitment to exploring how technology has changed the public sector through both its interaction with government and the media.

As dozens of countries and billions of people are being introduced into the global marketplace, they are being empowered with technologies, skills, and opportunities. At the same time, media has transitioned into capturing viral content – and anyone can make the headlines. Never before have so many had the ability to rise so far, so fast. At the same time, some emerging technologies face enormous difficulties: trust, regulations, safety and security, and interoperability, to name just a few. At the same time, traditional media titans are dealing with social media, a changing profit landscape, and “Fake News.” In the face of such opportunities and challenges, the decisions being made today – by political leaders in capital cities and by entrepreneurs in far-flung villages – will shape the future of the world we all share.

The IFE Media and Technology Roundtable (MTR) brings together private and public sector leaders to explore the accelerating, technology-driven trends that are changing the nature of media and government – who creates it, how it is created, how it is monetized.

MTR meets regularly for off-the-record dinners aimed at open dialogue between experts in the many different areas – media, business, technology, finance, journalism, entertainment, academia, and, of course, policy & government. Guest speakers are invited to each dinner to serve as a catalyst for the broader investigation of topics.

This IFE MTR programming is led by IFE Leadership John Paul Farmer, Director of Microsoft’s Technology & Civic Innovation Group and Professor at Columbia University

Past speakers and events: Brian Forde,  Tony Newmyer, Jerry Seib, Danny Boice, Michelle Lee, Jennifer Griffin and Greg Myre, Robert Hormats, and more.


IFE Founder and CEO Coach Kathy Kemper, former Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Michelle K. Lee, and Microsoft’s John Paul Farmer.