White House Bowling Party: Yet Another Perk for IFE Fellows and Interns

Quenton Horton and Nicholas Roberts enjoy one of the many advantages of being and IFE Intern.

“It has been a few days since the Institute For Education (IFE) went bowling at The White House yet it only feels like a few hours ago. It was nice to see IFE Friends, Founders, Fellows, Supporters and Interns in a less formal environment. Laughing as some rolled gutter balls, others impressively bowled strikes, while some picked up spares and made seemingly impossible splits. This was all thanks to John P. Farmer, a long time supporter of IFE and a competitive person, who willingly offered his knowledge. It has brought many smiles to my face as I thought of that day over this long workweek. Just one of many amazing IFE memories. I am grateful to have been chosen by Coach K as one of the active and contributing interns to participate! A really cool reward.”

~Quenton Horton, IFE Intern and Intern Program Manager

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