Remembering Shane Green, IFE Board Steward & IFE MTR Founder


It is with great sorrow that the institute for Education shares the death of long time IFE Trustee, founder of the IFE Media and Tech Roundtable (MTR) and family friend for 20 years – Shane Green – to cancer. Words cannot express the depth of our grief but hope you also find comfort in our tribute to him. The family will hold memorial in the future.

John Paul Farmer, Chief Technology Officer, City of New York, IFE Board of Stewards
John Paul Farmer, Chief Technology Officer, City of New York, IFE Board of Stewards@johnpaulfamer
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“Losing Shane is difficult for all of us, starting with his family and friends and extending around the globe to the tech and innovation community worldwide. I feel so fortunate to have gotten to know Shane over the past decade and a half, during which we often traded insights on technology, current events, and our personal lives. Shane was a visionary who recognized early the importance of privacy in our changing digital landscape. And when Shane saw a problem, he dove in all the way and dedicated himself to solving it. That’s just who he was. Having identified the increasingly important intersection of government and digital media, he founded the Institute for Education’s Media and Technology Roundtable. There, he brought people together and focused them on solving the problems that matter most. Shane’s compassion and visionary leadership will be missed by the many people — from the ones who knew him well to the ones he never met — whose lives he touched and made better.”
Alan Murray, President and CEO Fortune
Alan Murray, President and CEO Fortune@alansmurray
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“This is so very sad. Such a creative force. The world will miss him.”
Coach Kathy Kemper, CEO & Founder, Institute for Education
Coach Kathy Kemper, CEO & Founder, Institute for Education@Coach Kemper
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“Shane has been on my A team for 20 years. He profoundly cared about all things and thought deeply. He worked hard to be the best husband, dad, and friend he could be. I loved how Shane was a girl dad and so proud of his 3 children, Gabi, Javier, and Emilia. He adored and respected Viviana, his brilliant and beautiful wife. Shane was a cutting edge entrepreneur, risk-taker and visionary. I am grateful for his friendship and leadership at IFE for 20 years.”
Marci Robinson, Chair IFE Board of Stewards
Marci Robinson, Chair IFE Board of Stewards@InstituteforEdu
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“Shane was a brilliant visionary whose voice will be missed…a true voice of reason. A terribly sad day.”
Quenton Horton, IFE Director of Interns
Quenton Horton, IFE Director of Interns@QAhorton
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“I first met Shane Green some 14 years ago, when I was an IFE intern. At one of the Institute’s famous INFO breakfasts, which convene luminaries from across Washington, he offered me a lesson in humility that I have taken to heart ever since. Shane was a powerhouse in tech, a leader in thought, and a gentleman in presence—someone whom the rest of us looked to as a model of success. He reminded me, though, that no one ever truly “makes it”; each of us is continuously striving to do our part to make the world a little better, and even the most outwardly successful of us struggle with feelings of inadequacy. Shane advised that rather than focusing on ourselves or celebrating the few who make the headlines, we should work with others to serve the many more who too often go unseen. His wisdom will always guide me, as I know it will always guide countless others. Thank you, Mr. Green.”
Mayor Tony Williams, CEO Federal City Council, IFE Board of Stewards
Mayor Tony Williams, CEO Federal City Council, IFE Board of Stewards@mayor_tony
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“While we deeply miss Shane, I am comforted by knowing he touched so many lives and leaves a remarkable legacy in business and tech.”

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