Now Coach is a fashion icon on the courts too!

Americana Stripe KEMPER tennis dress @tuckernuck

This dress has a story!

I’m fortunate to have accomplished a lot in my life, but having a dress named after me was never something I dreamt of or dreamed of. Thank you @Caroline G., for approaching me last year at the Congressional Country Club! My adult daughter, @KelseyKemperValentine, and I had just won the Family Club Golf Championships, wearing Tuckernuck golf attire. Caroline, who at the time headed up Tuckernuck Sport, was watching. Caroline asked, “Coach and Kelsey, may I name a tennis dress after you?” We enthusiastically said YES! Absolutely!

I’m honored to be the name behind the Americana Stripe KEMPER tennis dress @tuckernuck. For me, this is more than a dress. It’s a recognition of leadership, commitment, and teamwork. It is what individual and team sports instill in people across this country and the world. As we head into Wimbledon and the 2024 Summer Olympics, I think specifically of how sports immensely benefits girls and women… everyone. From the start, sports teach us confidence, commitment, discipline, fitness, leadership, health, winning and losing, risk-taking, routines, strategy, resilience, teamwork, innovating, and so on and on.

Studies show that 94% of C Suite, founder, and CEO females played competitive sports when they were young. Sports prepare young people with the grit and skill sets needed to live ambitiously and reach for the stars. Sports can provide another avenue to close the gender economic opportunity gap and level the playing field.

So get on the court, take to the field, and jump in the pool. I’ll be wearing my Americana Stripe KEMPER tennis dress, representing the women sports leaders and legends who’ve come before me and who will come after me. I am grateful to my bench and the story of this fabulous dress. It’s a true honor.

Big shout out to @Journey to Lead @Nina Easton, @Patti Sellars, @Jenny Just, and @Kathi Vidal, who advocate for risk-taking, strategic thinking, innovation, and living ambitiously every day.

Thanks @Kiyomi Buker @Laura Modi @Shaun Modi @Christina Kemper Valentine Photo @Taylor Mickal  Make up @ Danaya Torosian

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