Tony and Tom honored together

L to R: Mayor Anthony Williams, Congressman Tom Davis, Coach Kathy Kemper, Mr. George Vradenburg (Picture: Courtesy of Marcin Krawczyk, Embassy of Poland)
By Jeff Dufour and Patrick Gavin

Published on 9/27/2006
The Examiner
Yeas and Nays

Who says politicians can’t get along (especially this close to Election Day)?

Mayor Anthony Williams and Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., were honored Monday night at an elegant and lively bash at the Polish Embassy to celebrate bipartisan cooperation in the Washington region. Williams and Davis are not only frequent political allies, but friends as well. So much bipartisan love was in the air, in fact, that the evening had a “No, Tony, you’re the best,” “No, really, Tom, YOU’RE the best” feeling to it.

“I’ve learned that citizens just expect to get the basic services and there’s not a Republican or a Democratic way to collect the trash,” said Mayor Williams, who also chatted with dinner guests about his post-mayoral plans (Hint: His ideas range from business to education to diplomacy, but, at the very least, some horseback riding will be involved). The event was put on by Kathy Kemper, founder and CEO of the Institute for Education (and tennis coach to the stars), an organization whose mission is “to recognize, encourage and promote, leadership locally, nationally and in the world community.”

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