Sponsors and Supporters

Grand Slam

Vas Bailey

Dr. Amy Geng

Shaun Modi

Todd Park

Jennifer Rudy

Kemper Valentine Trust


Ross Dakin

Max Dickinson

Dr. and Mrs. R. David Edelman

John Paul Farmer

Judge and Mrs. William Webster


DJ Patil & Devika Anand Patil

Charter Communications


Raluca and Marcel Barbulescu

Mike Brown

Ann and Tom Friedman

Carla Langjahr

PIF Foundation

Dr. Sokwoo Rhee

Young Professionals

Nina Bianchi

Wyatt Meldman-Floch

Meaghan Byrne

David Naffis

Jackie Kazil

Clara Tsao

Emily Lehman

Ali Wyne

George Zaidan

Strategic Partnerships

Artis Ventures


LearnServe International


United States Digital Services

USC Viterbi School of Engineering

White House Presidential Innovation Fellows

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