The Honorable Michael Powell, former Chairman of the FCC speaks at Media & Technology Roundtable

On October 26th, The Honorable Michael Powell, former Chairman of the FCC, 2001-2005 joined His Excellency Jan Matthysen, Undersecretary of State, Robert Hormats, Scott Ferber, and a small group of distinguished guests at the Media and Technology Roundtable hosted by the Institute for Education and the Belgian Residence. In his introductory remarks, Mr. Powell discussed the antiquated regulatory structure governing delivery of information–voice, video, Internet–to consumers. The conversation quickly turned to the Internet as a business and social force, ever increasing the pace of life. Mr. Powell also noted the internet’s power in circumventing traditional organizational models, thus enabling massive, distributed tasks to be undertaken with relatively little overhead. The debate was lively and did not pause even for dessert, a delicious concoction of Belgian chocolates. The evening concluded in the library over coffee, with a commitment to meet again in December for IFE’s next Media and Technology Roundtable.

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