Dr. Abderrahim Foukara,Washington Bureau Chief of Al Jazeera International speaks at IFE EMR

On June 29, the Institute For Education hosted the Emerging Markets Roundtable at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia. His Excellency Dr. Dino Patti Djalal, Ambassador of Indonesia, Dr. Rosa Djalal and IFE CEO Coach Kathy Kemper welcomed guests. Chris Caine, President and CEO of Mercator XXI gave a brief overview of the LearnServe Egypt program, IFE’s first-ever LearnServe program in the Middle East whereby students in the Washington, DC area traveled to Egypt to partner with Egyptian students, and to help build the next generation of social and cultural entrepreneurs. Former Mayor Anthony Williams highlighted the intersection of business and government and the value of working together across cultures.

EMR Co-Founder John Paul Farmer then introduced the honored guest, Dr. Abderrahim Foukara. Foukara initiated the discussion and spoke of the role of the media in emerging markets, combining the right balance of economics and politics. He also touched on government ownership of the media and how an informed citizenship is crucial to a democratic system.

Other topics covered by the group included globalization, confidence and nationalism in emerging markets and the eradication of corruption as a necessary factor for economic confidence.

Guests remarked on the exquisite room and excellent menu the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia graciously provided.

Guests in attendance included Salman Al Farisi, Chris Caine, Aaron Chatterji, Les Deak, Pascale Dumit, Greg Farmer, John Paul Farmer, Scott Ferber, Andrew C. Mitchell, Ron Packard, Chris Parmentier, Beverly Perry, Aaron Sokasian, Moshira Soliman, Former Mayor Anthony Williams as well as IFE Fellows Laura Gerhardt, Chris Golden, Kelsey Kemper Valentine.

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Mayor Anthony Williams, John Paul Farmer, Moshira Soliman and Les Deak
Laura Gerhardt, Chris Parmentier, Chris Caine and Andrew Mitchell

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