Aneesh Chopra, First Chief Technology Officer of the United States Speaks at IFE Media & Technology Roundtable (MTR)


On June 7, the Institute For Education hosted the Media and Technology Roundtable at the residence of the Ambassador of the Republic of India. Ambassador and Mr. Shankar and IFE CEO Coach Kathy Kemper welcomed guests as well as MTR Co-Founder Henry Ellenbogen, who introduced the honored guest, Aneesh Chopra.

Aneesh initiated the discussion and spoke to the intersection of technology with key sectors of the economy: health, energy and education. He highlighted that the Education sector faces the most challenge with respect to competition and investment in innovation. Aneesh further outlined the President’s vision for an entrepreneurial sector designing a digital tutor.

Other topics covered by the group included cybersecurity and the need for an international cooperation framework, the US competitiveness with regards to attracting small businesses and the challenges facing new businesses from incorporating in the U.S.

Guests remarked on the beautiful residence, fine wines and excellent menu the Embassy of the Republic of India graciously provided.

Other guests in attendance included Magid Abraham, Reggie Aggarwal, Bill Angrick, John Bax, Catherine Bohigian, Chris Caine, Carine Dumit, Pascale Dumit, R. David Edelman, Dan Froomkin, Vinay Kwarta, Ron Packard, Elise Ravenscroft and Sudhakar Shenoy.

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