Christiane Mandell, Head of Financial Institution Sales for the Americas at Standard Chartered, Speaks at INFO EMR in NYC

On November 29, 2011, the Institute for Education hosted the first NYC Emerging Markets Roundtable at DeSantos in the West Village featuring Christiane Mandell, Head of Financial Institution Sales for the Americas at Standard Chartered. EMR Founder John Paul Farmer initiated the discussion with welcoming remarks, followed by IFE Founder and CEO Coach Kemper’s introduction of IFE’s mission to recognize and promote civility and leadership nationally and in the world community and to encourages youth global citizenship with programs that foster intercultural understanding. EMR Founder Aaron Sokasian then introduced the honored guest Christiane Mandell who shared her considerable banking experience with emerging markets.

The discussion entailed an overview of the growing European crisis and its impact on Asian emerging markets. The group explored the role of the crisis in Asia in 1997 and its impact on current events particularly with regards to the Asian perception of capital controls. The discussion revolved around the impact of austerity packages on countries’ economic growth, specifically subsequent outcomes resulting from the differing approaches adopted by Korea and Indonesia in comparison to Malaysia. The group also discussed Asia’s position to survive the crisis and the Chinese fiscal policies including China’s offshore currency (CNH) regulation and the future of reserve currencies. Other topics covered by the group included capital market liberalization, the rule of law and foreign direct investments, as well as the European plans for a fiscal union.

Guests in attendance included EMR Founders John Paul Farmer, Andrew C. Mitchell and Aaron Sokasian, IFE Board of Stewards Gerard Baker, Pascale Dumit, Gary Lawson, Chris Parmentier, Austin Phelps, Thomas Plaut, Michael Sepso and David Storper.

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