R. David Edelman, White House Director of International Cyber Policy speaks at IFE MTR

On November 9, 2011, the Institute for Education hosted the Media and Technology Roundtable at the residence of the Swiss Ambassador to the US, H.E. Manuel Sager and Mrs. Christine Sager.

After an intimate cocktail gathering, Ambassador and Mrs. Sager welcomed guests to their elegant dining room. The roundtable discussion was initiated with welcoming remarks given by His Excellency and Coach Kemper, followed by Mr. Shane Green’s introduction of the mission of IFE’s MTR as a catalyst and enabler of thought and relationship-building among public and private sector leaders exploring evolving technological trends.

The discussion entailed an overview of current U.S. cyber security policies, privacy, and best practices. The group explored the role of the International Strategy for Cyber Security as a framework for understanding the emerging importance of cyber security in foreign policy and emphasized the need for international collaborative partnerships in a world where governments are insisting on engaging in an international level playing field.

Concern about the imperfect patchwork of various governments’ accountability with respect to providing their citizens the right to adequate and secure internet access was mentioned and the need to build a consensus among states involving partnerships among governments, civil societies, industries and individuals.

Other topics covered by the group included privacy, the implications of evolving social media and cloud computing trends on privacy, security and the law as well as the emerging role of the internet as a basic human right as Secretary Clinton stated earlier this year.

Guests remarked on the exquisite setting and excellent menu Mr. and Mrs. Sager graciously provided. Guests in attendance included , MTR Founders and Trustees Shane Green and Henry Ellenbogen, Catherine Bohigian, Peter Egger, IFE Grand Slam member, Greg Farmer, Josh Galper, Joanne Ke, Nancy Libin, IFE Steward and Grand Slam member Beverly Perry and IFE Fellows R. David Edelman, Carine Dumit, Pascale Dumit, Carla Langjahr and Paul Selker.

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