IFE NextGen Roundtable hosts Nick Gaines, GovHub Founder and IFE Intern

NextGen was pleased to host Nick Gaines: Founder, GovHub on January 20, 2012.

Statement by Nick Gaines of GovHub: GovHub is a UC Berkeley-student founded start-up aiming to change the way citizens and governments interact. GovHub aims to change the way people interact with their governments not just here in the United States, but all over the world. We are a non-partisan group dedicated to improving the transparency, accountability and responsiveness of our governments. We strive to educate voters by aggregating and organizing the vast resources of the Internet for them. We also seek to give people the tools they need to make their voice as powerful as those of the special interests. We are a social lobbying tool for the 21st century.

NEXT GEN ROUNDTABLE is where Institute for Education interns and DC area students meet with political, business and cultural leaders to exchange ideas with impact. NEXT GENers have frank and open discussions with game changers to learn about opportunities the future may hold. Partnering with the Washington International School, we also interview speakers for the Student News Action Network. Jenny Shore is the Founder of NEXT GEN and an IFE intern.

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