IFE INFO Kick-off Luncheon with Judge William Webster

R David Edelman, IFE Fellow; Louise Akerblom, and Judge William Webster, IFE Steward.

Tuesday, January 30th

IFE Steward, Judge William Webster, hosted a luncheon for IFE friends and special guests. David Hawkings (CQ/Roll Call) shared his views on the upcoming Florida primaries and GOP candidates, while Heather Conley (CSIS) shared her insights on the state of European economic situation and debt crisis.

Lively group conversation and intimate dialogues provided a unique opportunity for guests to share their wealth of knowledge on the key topics but also other timely subjects—Egypt Spring, U.S. economy, the presidential race, and more.

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Heather Conley and Cecelie StrommenDavid Hawkings and David Fenstermaker

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