IFE hosts Karna Small Bodman, renowned author of newly released thriller “Castle Bravo”

The Institute for Education is honored to host renowned author and IFE Friend Karna Small Bodman, at a dinner and discussion of how real-life international intrigue can inspire and inform fiction. Karna continues to incorporate not-quite or former government secrets into her novels with Castle Bravo. Her first book, Checkmate, was inspired by President Reagan’s missile defense program, Star Wars; Castle Bravo is named for a once-classified project dealing with nuclear tests conducted back in the 1940s and 1950s, after World War II. The event will take place on Friday, October 19 at The Washington Club at Dupont Circle. Click here to review invitation and evening details. 

About the Book:  White House Director of Homeland Security, Samantha Reid, receives intelligence about a possible new threat to the country’s national security. While she and her staff are inundated with potentially dire issues on a daily basis, this new one is staggering. What if a hostile country or group gets hold of a small nuclear device, and instead of aiming it at one of our cities, they intend to detonate it high in the atmosphere? The result would be the creation of an Electro-Magnetic Pulse or “EMP” sending shock waves that would “fry” all electronics on the ground in its line of site. There would be no electricity grid, no internet, no communications, transportation, refrigeration, ATMs. It would set us back to the year 1910. Could it happen here? Read the story and then—you decide! Click here to read book reviews of “Castle Bravo”  in The Washington Times, and  USAToday. Click here to learn about her other books.
Karna Small Bodman, author of several bestsellers, will discuss her recently released thriller ‘Castle Bravo’.
About the Author

Karna Small Bodman served in the White House for 6 years – the last post was Senior Director of the National Security Council. She was also on the air for 15 years as a TV news reporter and anchor in S.F. and D.C. and did political commentary in N.Y. She has four published political thrillers, Checkmate, Gambit, Final Finesse, and her newest novel, Castle Bravo. She weaves many of her White House experiences into her novels.


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