Norway Bids Japan Farewell

Ambassador of Norway Wegger Christian Strommen, Ambassador of Liechtenstein Claudia Fritsche, Ambassador of Japan Ichiro Fujisaki, and Ambassador of Sweden Jonas Hafstrom attend an intimate farewell dinner for Ambassador and Mrs. Fujisaki hosted by Ambassador of Norway and Mrs. Strommen at the Norwegian residence.
Guests at the farewell dinner for Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki pose for a photo: Top row from left: Linda Sonnenreich; Ambassador of Sweden Jonas Hafstrom; Ambassador of Norway Wegger Christian Strommne; Ambassador of Japan Ichiro Fujisaki; Joanne Ke; and Michael Sonnenreich; and from bottom row left, rev. Dr. Cecilie Strommen; Yoriko Fujisaki; Eva Hafstrom; and Institute for Education founder Kathy Kemper.

Photo credit: IFE Fellow Joanne Ke

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