IFE celebrates 10th Anniversary of Learn Serve International (LSI)

The festive evening featured keynote speaker Billy Shore, founder of Share Our Strength, and honored Louise McIlhenny and Hugh Riddleberger.  The LSI presented the inaugural Entrepreneurship Award to Jessica Yang (LearnServe ’10) and the Global Perspective Award to James Cunningham. Kathleen Matthews

Marjo Talbott (Head of Maret), Mayor Anthony Williams and Coach Kathy Kemper.
Marjo Talbott (Head of Maret), Mayor Anthony Williams and Coach Kathy Kemper.

Guests enjoyed live music from the steel drums of CAISO, wine and beer from around the world, and international food – from Jamaican jerk chicken skewers and American mini grilled cheese sandwiches – from the kitchens of Spilled Milk Catering at the historic Josephine Butler Parks Center.

The IFE and LSI Partnership: Ten years ago Hugh Riddleberger led a group of teachers to Ethiopia to lay the groundwork for an international student service trip.  The idea grew into LearnServe International.  Over the past decade, LearnServe has launched more than 700 students and teachers on the path to innovation and service — and engaged more than 2,500 more in youth-led social change. Coach Kathy Kemper, as LSI founder, and the Institute for Education are proud to have been part of this wonderful organization and continue to support their efforts through an ongoing partnership with intern opportunities and IFE’s NextGen Roundtable program.

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