Second Annual Champagne Holiday Kick-off

2nd annual holiday champagne

IFE founders Coach Kathy Kemper and Jim Valentine welcomed neighbors and IFE friends to kick-off the holiday season with champagne, Thanksgiving Day, 2015. Among the guests were IFE Diplomatic Steward Ambassador Verbeke of Belgium, Ambassador Wolzfeld of Luxembourg, Ambassador and Mrs. Singh of India, Ambassador and Mrs. Biscogniero of Italy, Ambassador Aas of Norway, Danes, both, Ambassador and Mrs Kislyak of Russia, USCTO Megan Smith and family, PIF’s Leah Shanley and Ross Dankin, Mrs Gouri Mirpuri and Nihal, Mirpuri, Embassy of Singapore; Jennifer Griffin (FOX News) and family. IFE Senior Fellow, George Zaidan and family, IFE Chair of Stewards, Marci Robinson and family, IFE Fellows and interns, Nati Penton, Jenny Shore, and Kelsey Kemper Valentine were also in attendance.

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