IFE Senior Fellow hosts National Geographic’s First Hosted Digital Video Series “Ingredients”

Nat Geo's first hosted digital video series, "Ingredients, The Stuff Inside Your Stuff," premieres today on and YouTube. Visit for more.

National Geographic Launches First Hosted Digital Video Series

“Ingredients,” with Host George Zaidan, Launches on National Geographic’s YouTube Channel and on

WASHINGTON, Sept. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — National Geographic is bringing its 128 years of science, adventure and exploration to its first hosted digital video series, “Ingredients, The Stuff Inside Your Stuff,” premiering today on YouTube and on

Join MIT-trained chemist and science-educator George Zaidan (@GeorgeZaidan), co-host of CNBC’s “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor,” as he tries to recreate everyday household products like toothpaste, lipstick and shaving cream using only natural ingredients… and no recipe. In each episode, George will decode long lists of intimidating chemical names, figure out what they all do, try and find natural substitutes and cook up the do-it-yourself versions in his chemistry lab/kitchen. While George may or may not succeed, we’ll all learn something new and surprising about the products we take for granted every day. For more information on the series by executive producer Danielle Steinberg, visit or follow National Geographic on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Snapchat. View NationalGeorgraphic’s Press Release

Episodes Include:

1. Toothpaste on Sept. 15: View Episode
Ancient toothpaste used stuff like rocks and bones — and modern toothpaste isn’t all that different.

2. Lipstick on Sept. 22: View Episode
From ground-up bugs to rust, there might be some unexpected ingredients in your lipstick.

3. Shaving Cream on Sept. 29: View Episode
What gives shaving cream all that lathery goodness?

4. Nail Polish on Oct. 6:
Nail polish has a ton of ingredients. Here’s why.

5. Gum Base on Oct. 13:
What makes gum stay chewy for so long?

6. Air Freshener on Oct. 20:
Do air fresheners really purify the air? Kind of…

7. Peanut Butter on Oct. 27:
Crunchy vs. creamy, runny vs. solid… there’s more to peanut butter than peanuts and salt.

8. Conditioner on Nov. 3:
Conditioner — it makes your hair silky smooth and it’s a lot like… fat.

9. Hand Sanitizer on Nov. 10:
There’s more to hand sanitizer than just alcohol.

10. Dry-Erase Markers on Nov. 17:
What makes a dry-erase marker erasable?

11. Gum Sweetener on Nov. 24:
How can sugar-free gum taste sweet?


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