IFE holds INFO’s 26th Season Kickoff lunch with IFE Steward Judge William Webster

On January 23, the Institute for Education held its kick-off lunch for special friends of IFE was hosted by IFE Steward Judge William Webster. Joining us, off-the-record, was special guest Charlie Black, Chairman of Prime Policy Group (view WSJ: “The Upside to an Unpopular President” by Charlie Black).

Marci Robinson (Chair, IFE Board of Stewards) presented David Fenstermaker with the IFE Chrystal Ball Award 2016. Mr. Fenstermaker predicted Donald Trump would win the 2016 presidential election at IFE’s MTR dinner with special guest Wall Street Journal Chief Commentator Jerry Seib (held November 1, 2016).

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IFE Steward Judge William Webster and Charlie Black, Chairman of Prime Policy Group.
Peter Ruffo (ZTEUSA) with H.E. Pisan Manawapat (Thailand)
Mrs. Nobuko Sasae (Japan), IFE Steward Judge Webster, with guest speaker Charlie Black (Chairman of Prime Policy Group) and H.E. Dina Kawar (Jordan).


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