Q-and-A with Coach K: The Presidential Candidates (The Hill 2008) Part 1

Coach Kathy Kemper’s interviews with the leading presidential contenders — of which the following is Part I — took place in March of 2008. The interviews were conducted in person and via e-mail and hand-written responses by Kemper in collaboration with Institute for Education interns Alex Burness and Kelsey Valentine.

Q: What are you most proud of?
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY): “My daughter.”
Sen. John McCain (R-AZ.): “My family’s dedication to service to our nation.”
Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL): “I am most proud of my two daughters, and of a country that allows them to dream big dreams.”

Q: How has your professional background benefited your career as a politician?
Clinton: “My decision to go to law school was an expression of my belief that the system could be changed from within. My legal background has allowed me to advocate on behalf of children and families — the work that has been the passion and calling of my life through my years of public service, and now my years in public office.”
McCain: “Provided me with the knowledge and background for a life of service. “
Obama: “It’s taught me to think substantively about both sides of every issue and helped me organize my arguments in clear and consistent ways.”

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