“Fighting False News: Strategies to Combat Digital Misinformation.”

The National Digital Roundtable will be hosting “Fighting False News: Strategies to Combat Digital Misinformation.”  In 2018 information travels instantaneously — including misinformation, disinformation, and yes, fake news. Increasingly, the public doesn’t know whom to trust, as politicians discredit traditional media, influencers give credence to false rumors and our own friends and family unknowingly spread untruths. Incorrect information can damage brands, complicate natural disasters and even sway elections. This session will provide valuable insights and key strategies every communicator should know when it comes to false information online, including how corporations, nonprofits and governments are fighting back. IFE is  a partner of the National Digital Roundtable.  The event will take place at the Newseum in Washington, DC on October 17. Tickets are available online on Eventbrite.

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