Suzette Kent speaks on “The Future of Work” at IFE’s Tech In Gov

Dr. Kristen Honey, Ambassador Ashok Mirpuri, Coach Kemper and Suzette Kent.

IFE’s Tech In Gov partnered with the Embassy of Singapore, to host a salon on the “The Future of Work.” Keynote speaker was Ms. Suzette Kent who serves as the Federal Chief Information Officer at the Office of Management and Budget. Ms. Kent was introduced by Dr. Kristen Honey, The evening salon was hosted by H.E. Ashok Mirpuri, Ambassador of Singapore to the United States, at the embassy on April 29th.  By invitation only.

Ambassador Jonatan Vseviov of Estonia, Coach Kathy Kemper, and Ambassador Kirsti Kauppi of Finland.

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IFE Deputy Director Elise Ravenscroft with photos provided by Guillaume Jacquemin.

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