IFE’s Celebrates Fifth Annual Young Global Leaders’ Black Tie Reception

Every year since 2013, IFE has hosted an annual celebration of Team IFE and its closest supporters, typically with diplomatic partners leading the Tech-in-Gov world. #CivicTechService This year’s Young Global Leaders’ Black Tie Reception took place Thursday, March 28th, at the Residence of Ambassador Dina Kawar of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It was a warm, intimate night of celebration between many of our closest collaborators.
R.David Edelman and Joanne Ke Edelman

Joanne Ke Edelman, a long time IFE fellow, opened the night thanking the Ambassador for hosting the annual celebration, and warmly welcoming the newly appointed round of White House Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIFs) who were well-represented at this event. IFE Board of Steward Member and Distinguished Fellow The Honorable Dr. R. David Edelman humorously followed his wife, Joanne. Edelman echoed the warm welcome to the new round of PIFs, presented four “fun facts” about the accomplishments of Ambassador Kawar, and gave a shout out to IFE Founder and CEO Coach Kathy Kemper for her recent recognition by Washington Life as one of Washington’s “Tech 25” of 2019.

Coach Kemper followed by introducing her dear friend and our host, Ambassador Kawar, who led a conversation on science and technology in Jordan. After Ambassador Kawar spoke on the many technological achievements coming out of Jordan as a regional leader, many left fascinated and with a commitment to visiting Jordan to learn more. Jordan has been called “the Middle East’s Silicon Valley”, with a rapidly growing science and technology sector involved in all aspects of the work, from robotics to even creating video autoplay now used by Facebook and Instagram. PIFs were particularly were fascinated by the prospect of learning how their government uses technology, which again, serves as an example for the region and the world.

Team IFE, Round 7 Presidential Innovation Fellows, Jordanian leaders, and other friends of IFE were in attendance for this fabulous evening. The Residence served a dinner of delicious regional delicacies. IFE is grateful for the warm hospitality of our Jordanian partners, and look forward to another year of leadership in the world of Tech-in-Gov.

A special thank you to Ambassador Kawar and Joanne Ke Edelman for making this extraordinary night possible.

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Contributed by IFE Intern Mariam Motamedi

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