CS@SC Winter/Spring camps are great success!

The Institute for Education is happy to share our scaling of Computer Science@University of Southern California, CS@SC Winter/Spring camps. CS@SC camps continued to coach students to refine their computer science skills in intensive weekend programs. Students from Kindergarten through 12th grade learned programming and robotics skills in Java, Scratch, Scratch Jr., Web Development, Vex robotics, and Lego WeDo robotics. Over 100 students attended the eight week program and earned a certificate of completion at the end. Over half of them qualified for scholarships based on an annual family income less than $40k and a GPA over a 3.5. Those students will come back to volunteer for a week during the CS@SC summer camps to help other students and develop leadership and coaching training. 

We look forward to our 5th year partnering with Camp Director, Professor Jeff Miller and The Viterbi School of Engineering, offering opportunity to underserved student populations in the Los Angelos are. All camps take place on the gorgeous campus of USC Viterbi School of Engineering. Looking forward to teaching 100’s more kids this summer at our coding camp!

Founding camp director, Professor Jeff Miller, Ph.D

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