IFE “Leadership Lunch” with Andrei Iancu, USPTO

Ambassador Mulhall of Ireland, Ambassador Wouters of Belgium and IFE Diplomatic Steward, USPTO Andrei Iancu, Coach Kemper and Ambassador Mirpuri of Singapore.

On Friday, May 31 Andrei Iancu, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, welcomed IFE’s Diplomatic Steward, H.E. Dirk Wouters, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium and Coach Kathy Kemper to his office at USPTO headquarters, in Alexandria, Virginia.


IFE Innovation diplomatic leadership joined Director Iancu for box lunches. The compelling conversation covered topics including IP, trademarks, patents, process, and telework. Director Iancu talked about STEM education, the importance of women’s participation in innovation, and what it may take to lay a foundation for new generations of innovators to drive economic development.


The group then took a tour of the impressive National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum, which is a must-see for any tech-forward person of all ages.


Spotted: Andrei Iancu of USPTO, Ambassador Dan Mulhall of Ireland, Ambassador Dirk Wouters of Belgium, Coach Kemper and Ambassador Ashok Mirpuri of Singapore with Minister Marvin Hildebrand of Canada, DCM Erlan Begezhanov of Kazakhstan, Commercial Attaché Ms. Yifat Alon Perel of Israel with the USPTO’s Chuck Eloshway and Shira Perlmutter.


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