IFE spotted at White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner Pre-Party

Hosted by the Qatari Ambassador Meshal bin Hamad Al Thani and the Washington Diplomat at the U.S. Institute of Peace on April 26. Over 800 people celebrated the importance of journalism to emphasize the critical roles that today’s media plays in supporting a peaceful world. The invitation-only event’s guests included ambassador and members of the diplomatic corp; top-ranking U.S. officials from the White House, Capitol Hill, Pentagon and other agencies; members of the media from outlets such as ABC, NBC, CNN, BCC, and Fox; captains of industry, Hollywood celebrities; and other CIPS to support the importance of journalistic freedom and integrity in today’s divided political climate.

Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra, now president of CareJourney; Rohini Chopra; Kaivan Shroff; and Coach Kathy Kemper, founder and CEO of the Institute for Education.

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