IFE Annual Black Tie Fellow’s Dinner

IFE Fellows Dinner Group Photo

On January 19th, 2020, IFE fellows and leadership gathered around our leader, Coach Kathy Kemper’s, dinner table to celebrate Team IFE. We can’t help but be proud of our team when it’s made up of the best authors, innovators, and leaders of #CivicTechService. The night was filled with laughter, bonding, and some amazing food and drink.


The evening began with an art tour of the Cottage, which features more famous artists than your local museum! Each of our fellows was assigned an artist to present on, and they definitely delivered. We learned about Renoir’s battle with impressionism, Rembrandt’s peculiar marriage restrictions, and Klimt’s promiscuous lifestyle, among other things. The art tour was informative and entertaining, with plenty of fun facts about each artist.


After the art tour, we moved to the beautifully set dining table where there were three bottles of wine waiting to be tasted. IFE’s Steward, the Hon. R. David Edelman, led us through a wine tasting of fabulous red wines from Italy, France, and the US. Whether you got hints of blueberry or raspberry, we could all agree that the wine was delicious and well-chosen for that night’s meal. During dinner, we went around the table and heard about everyone’s recent activities and accomplishments. A surprising amount of members on our team are currently writing books, and others are working within local government, attending law school, or working in global development. We couldn’t be more proud of our fellows’ amazing achievements, and we can’t wait to see where all their projects take them.


The reason that we host this dinner each year is to give back to our team and celebrate our fellows. IFE is made up of hard-working and inspiring individuals who truly deserve to be recognized for their efforts. We are looking forward to beginning the new year and new decade with the best team anyone could ask for.


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Contributed by Maggie Eason, IFE Senior Intern

Maggie Eason is a Tech in Gov Intern for the Institute for Education. She started as an intern at IFE in January 2019. Maggie will graduate from George Mason University in May 2020 and she currently double majors in Global Affairs and Russian & Eurasian Studies, with concentrations in Global Governance and Russian Language. In August 2020, she will begin her Masters in Global Affairs from George Mason University. She is originally from Tampa, Florida, and moved to Fairfax, Virginia in 2016 to begin her studies. Her favorite part of living near DC is getting to learn about the rich history of DC and its surrounding areas.

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