IFE EU debrief dinner, Brussels


On February 18th, 2020, Count and Countess Bernard and Azine de Hemptinne hosted a working dinner at their Brussels home with Institute for Education Founder & CEO Coach Kathy Kemper, Jim Valentine, former IFE diplomatic Stewards, H.E. Frans van Daele, H.E. Jan Verbeke and deep IFE partners H.E. Henne Schuwer and Lena Bowan, H.E. David O’Sullivan , and other ambassadors and experts.  The lively and rigorous dinner conversation focused on the upcoming US elections, transatlantic relationships on bi and multilateral trade, growing nationalism trends, representative democracies and the global social network environment.

Ambassador Henne and Lena Schuwer, Chris and Ambassador Frans van Daele
Ambassador Guy Trouveroy, Countess Daniel Du Chastel de Howarderie, Nathalie Trouveroy, Baroness Nicole d’Huart
Lena Bowman Schuwer, Ambassador Henne Schuwer, Coach Kathy Kemper,and Ambassador Johan Verbeke

SPOTTED:  H. E. Guy Trouveroy and Nathalie, H.E. Baudoin de la Kethulle de Ryhove, Countess Daniele du Chastel de Howarderie, Baroness Nicole d’Huart, Chris van Daele, Catherine Dubois, and Jacquemin Guillaume.

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Contributed by Guillaume Jacquemin

Guillaume Jacquemin is currently a EMEAI Business Communication Specialist at Dow in Seneffe (Belgium). He completed a master degree in Public Relations at IHECS in Brussels by accomplishing an internship as a Public Diplomacy Officer at the Embassy Belgium in Washington DC in 2019. He is also an IFE Fellow.

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