VIDEO: George Zaidan, featured IFE Safer@Home speaker

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Please enjoy the video of our Safer@Home Series

On June 4, 2020 IFE was joined by 70 guests for a fun-filled and informative live conversation with IFE Senior Fellow and Author George Zaidan. IFE Innovation Steward Amy Geng, MD moderated the session and live Q&A. Guests also participated in a poll (see results below).

George spoke about his book Ingredients noting a few nuggets from its pages—what will kill you, what won’t, and why—explaining with humor and fun facts. He also provided bonus information about best practices for Covid-19. 

Zaidan, an MIT-trained chemist who cohosted CNBC’s hit Make Me a Millionaire Inventor who also wrote and voiced several TED-Ed viral videos as well as the National Geographics “Ingredients” video series, makes chemistry more fun than Hogwarts as he reveals exactly what science can (and can’t) tell us about the packaged ingredients sold to us every day.

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