VIDEO: Margaret Brennan of CBS News featured #IFElive speaker

On Thursday, October 1st the Institute for Education hosted a live salon Countdown to the Election as part of its #IFElive Virtual Speaker Series. 

Featured speaker Margaret Brennan, moderator of ‘Face the Nation’ and senior foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News, discussed moderating Face the Nation, and covering an unprecedented election year as the country and world grapples with COVID-19. Viewers of this session received an inside look at how Face the Nation is going beyond the headlines to help viewers understand and navigate a world re-shaped by the pandemic. Brennan also spoke about the future of the democratic process, Tuesday’s Presidential debate, media challenges for reporters to use credible sourced information to combat biased sensational reporting, and the way consumers receive and process news. 

Greta Mulhall introduced her husband H.E. Daniel Mulhall, Ambassador of Ireland to the United States, who, in turn, introduced his friend Ms. Brennan. Later, Brit McCandless Farmer, Digital Producer at 60 Minutes, CBS News moderated the lively Q&A, handling a myriad of questions and topics including, but not limited to: the future of U.S. Presidential debates;  journalist’s behavior on twitter; the propagation of disinformation has changed between last Presidential election and now; diplomatic relationship around the world;  to the future of ever having a national conversation from a shared set of facts again. View event screenshots.

SPOTTED at a virtual forum hosted by the Institute for Education at which Margaret Brennan discussed how journalists are covering the election during the pandemic: Judge William and Lynda Webster, Irish Ambassador Daniel Mulhall, Albanian Ambassador Floreta Faber, Estonian Ambassador Jonatan Vseviov, Singaporean Ambassador Ashok Mirpuri, Bahamian Ambassador Sidney Collie, Bosnia and Herzegovina Ambassador Bojan Vujic, Bulgarian Ambassador Tihomir Stoytchev, Ivorian Ambassador Mamadou Haïdara, Cypriot Ambassador Marios Lyssiotis, Marshallese Ambassador Gerald Zackios, Nicaraguan Ambassador Francisco Campbell, Kathy “Coach” Kemper, Brit McCandless Farmer and John Paul Farmer, Joanne Ke Edelman and R. David Edelman, Marci Robinson, Kaivan Shroff, Amy Geng, Frank Reyes and Josh Di Francis.

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