IFElive hosts Financial Times Demetri Sevastopulo

On January 28th the Institute for Education hosted a candid off-the-record interview with special guest Demetri Sevastopulo, Financial Times Washington Bureau Chief (2015-2021), as part of its #IFEonline virtual series. IFE Founder & CEO Coach Kathy Kemper welcomed guests before handing over the salon to Chair of IFE’s Board of Stewards, Marci Robinson, who introduced Demetri. IFE Steward Dr. R. David Edelman moderated the lively Q&A. 

During the salon Demetri shared his insider’s perspective on the shifting political tectonic plates in Washington. Demetri has been on the frontline for almost fifteen years, covering nearly every aspect of Washington’s political and policy-making life and personalities, and shared his valuable reflections and analysis on what our changing political landscape means at home and abroad.

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SPOTTED―Financial Times Demetri Sevastopulo; Catherine Bohigian of Charter; Ross Dakin; IFE Steward Dr. R. David Edelman; Albanian Ambassador Floreta Faber; NYC CTO John Paul Farmer, EU Delegation Minister Peter Fatelnig; Carrie Haquith; Michelle Holko; Mike Kemper; Liechtenstein Ambassador Kurt Jaeger; IFE Innovation Steward Dr. Amy Geng; Danara Kazykanov; IFE Diplomatic Steward of AI & EU Ambassador Stavros Lambrinidis; Marissa Levine; Brit McCandless Farmer; Soni Meckem; Singapore Ambassador Ashok Mirpuri; Irish Ambassador Dan Mulhall; Ichiro Oishi; Wanmei Ou; IFE Trustee Corrado Pirzio-Biroli; Michael Pritchard; Chair of IFE Board of Stewards Marci Robinson; Jennifer Rudy of Microsoft; Lea Shanley; Anthony Shop; Kaivan Shroff; Luxembourg Ambassador Gaston Stronck; IFE Trustee Jim Valentine; former IFE Diplomatic Steward Ambassador Dirk Wouters; and George Zaidan. Also seen were IFE Fellows Guillaume Jacquemin, Tomas Kloosterman, and Ali Wyne.

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