IFE hosts Future of AI fireside chat at EU residence

Seated: Robin Heilig, Peter Fatelnig, and John Paul Farmer; Standing: Georg-Christian Lack, Dr. Dmitri Kusnezov, Juanita Rodriguez Kattah, Andres Hayes, Lindsey Parker, Dr. R. David Edelman, Mike Rosenbaum, Coach Kemper, H.E. Stavros Lambrinidis (EU), Ms. Kim Nelson, Agata Ciesielski, Justin Elszasz, H.E. Martin Weiss (Austria), and Carlos Monje, Jr.

On March 8th, 2022 the third Future of AI Dinner took place. Of course again hosted by H.E. Stavros Lambrinidis, Ambassador of the European Union to the U.S. in his residency together with Coach Kathy Kemper, CEO and Founder of the Institute for Education, and Dr. R. David Edelman, Director, Project on Technology, Economy, & National Security, MIT and IFE Future of AI Roundtable founder. This time the focus was on AI in smart cities and the challenges and responsibilities for city administrations. John Paul Farmer, former CTO of NYC, and Robin Heilig, Head of Innovation of the City of Vienna, were invited to a fireside chat.

After the introductory words of Ambassador Lambrinidis, Peter Fatelnig, Minister-Counsellor Digital Economy Policy, EU Delegation to the U.S., moderated a very lively and humorous conversation about the AI ​​strategies and AI examples as well as the challenges of the two cities.

Both cities put people first, take care to avoid discrimination through biased data, and are aware of the great ethical and moral responsibility of the city administration. The related topics of the required technological expertise within the administration, talent management, and how an administration can be attractive as an employer to high potentials were also discussed.

The group then moved from the fireplace to the dining room, where a predominantly Viennese/Austrian 3-course dinner was served with Austrian wines. H.E. Martin Weiss, Ambassador of Austria to the U.S., presented an innovative, high-tech appetizer. A plant-based 3D-printed salmon from the Viennese start-up Revo. The lively discussion continued at the table, in which, among other things, the importance of technological expertise was again emphasized in order to be able to procure the right AI products on the one hand and to be able to define the necessary regulations on the other.

At the end of a very inspiring evening, Ambassador Lambrinidis presented impressive works of art to the guests.

SPOTTED: H.E. Stavros Lambrinidis, H.E. Martin Weiss, Coach Kathy Kemper, Dr. R. David Edelman, John Paul Farmer, Robin Heilig, Peter Fatelnig, Dr. Dmitri Kusnezov , Carlos Monje, Jr., Justin Elszasz, Andres Hayes, Lindsey Parker, Juanita Rodriguez Kattah, Georg-Christian Lack, Agata Ciesielski, Ms. Kim Nelson, and Mike Rosenbaum.

Contributed by Robin Heilig of the City of Vienna, Co-head of PACE, Vienna’s IT-Innovation team

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