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“She brings us together, particularly technical people, for a reason and the reason is that if you can spread some knowledge and ability, it does actually carry meaning. She’s been doing that for approximately fifteen, or twenty years. Why, given her efforts, is the world in the shape that it’s in? However bad the shape is, it’s better than it would’ve been without her,” said Justice Stephen Breyer at a dinner at Cafe Milano in honor of IFE Coach Kathy Kemper, hosted by Ben Elmore, CEO of Intevity.

Justice Stephen Breyer and Coach Kathy Kemper

IFE is a nonprofit organization committed to engaging the global community to harness the power of soft diplomacy, innovation, data and technology to promote bipartisanships, foster Washington, DC culture and encourage Civic Tech Service.  Intevity is a boutique digital consultancy that develops solutions and technology to drive growth, transform businesses, and make a real impact on people’s lives.

Coach Kemper and Ben Elmore

 “I started in my field when I was just a kid,” said Elmore, “and I know what it’s like to have the impact of mentorship and apprenticeship in one’s life and in one’s career. I think the work that you’re doing – creating that pathway for underrepresented communities to be able to have a career in technology – is such a gift.”

“This year we started having kids that we had taught computer science apply to the school of engineering and get in and now they are at USC. It just changes lives. It changes communities. It’s really incredible,” said Coach prior to introducing EU Ambassador Starvos Lambrinidis to say a few words about Ukraine.

Justice Stephen Breyer, Coach Kathy Kemper, Ambassador of Singapore

“We’ve had three and a half million refugees leaving Ukraine already in three and a half weeks.” said Ambassador Lambrinidis. “European houses have opened their doors who will not allow their spirit to be killed. They have the right to work. They have the right to free healthcare. There’s simply no question, \you have a leader in Zelensky who  exemplifies the most strong, ethical position you can take. President Zelensky has been remarkable. I wish all our leaders can take some lessons from him.”

Max Dickinson, Gloria Dittus, EU Ambassador, Dr. Joanna Breyer, Ben Elmore


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