Team IFE Reunion

On August 30, the Institute for Education invited past and present Fellows and interns to a reunion at the Congressional Country Club. Heavy rain and high winds proved a formidable obstacle, but attendees pushed past the weather and met up in the Pavilion. After mingling over snacks and the club’s signature drink, The Seabreeze, the weather cleared, and the team migrated to the Great Lawn to admire the gorgeous landscape. Here, IFE founder and CEO Coach Kathy Kemper led warm introductions around an enthusiastic circle of familiar and fresh faces. Chats resumed and drifted over various topics of family, friends, work, and current interests. Guests stayed late into the evening, everyone thrilled at the ability to spend hours talking to each other after being separated for years by COVID. It was an afternoon of fun and laughter, catching up with friends and colleagues, meeting new faces, and welcoming them into the IFE community.

View Event photos & Round-up Contributed by Abby Tcheng

Round-up and photos contributed by Abby Tcheng, IFE's West Coast Intern

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