Coach Kemper on Trust, Tennis & Tech | Podcast with Chief Influencer

Coach Kathy Kemper is the CEO and Founder of the Institute for Education and a Co-founder of Computer Science at the University of Southern California’s coding camp. In today’s episode, join host Anthony Shop and Coach Kemper as they delve into diplomacy, innovation, and global engagement. She shares her extraordinary journey from a professional tennis player to a prominent figure in Washington’s political and tech leadership circles.

Learn about Coach Kemper’s innovative strategies to foster global engagement through the lenses of soft diplomacy, data, and innovation. Discover how she creates meaningful relationships across diverse backgrounds, emphasizing trust, transparency, and human connection as the cornerstone of her methods. 

“A coach has to learn how to get the best out of their students. Everybody loves getting better at something.”

Coach Kemper

Coach Kemper’s journey illustrates the power of unconventional paths in shaping global leaders. Through her tireless efforts, Coach Kemper has earned accolades such as being recognized as one of Washington Life Magazine’s “Tech 25”, highlighting her profound impact on the technology landscape. 

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