Feting Fusion’s Progress & Global Collaboration

As the cherry blossom trees showed off during full bloom, the Institute for Education continued its cutting-edge partnership with the Embassy of Japan in the latest edition of our series “FUSION, BREAKING THROUGH,” hosted at the elegant Residence of the Japanese Ambassador, H.E. Shiego Yamada, on Friday, March 22.

The future of fusion power — the energy of the stars — has the potential to transform global energy, make meaningful progress against climate challenges, and create entirely new markets and technologies.

IFE and the Embassy of Japan have been leading the way in preparing for this energy revolution. Last April, IFE and the Embassy hosted a salon discussion on the technologies, policies, and partnerships accelerating fusion technology, with an emphasis on the work of the deep and decades-long partnership between innovators in the U.S. and Japan—public and private.

IFE Founder & CEO Coach Kathy Kemper recounted IFE’s longstanding tradition of engaging with breakthrough new technologies, as well as the Institute’s long history on the topic of fusion. IFE President Dr. R. David Edelman, a Board Member of the co-hosting Fusion Industry Association, noted the exceptional progress the industry — and government policies supporting the race to fusion — have seen in the past year, with US-Japan partnerships leading the way. Finally, Deputy Director General Daisuke Kawakami of Japan’s Cabinet Office announced the formation of and substantial government engagement with the Japanese Fusion Energy Industry Council, which will help serve as an important touchstone as Japan continues its leadership role in fusion and build a strong industry helping to advance this global cause.

As always, the Embassy of Japan graciously hosted guests to a traditional Japanese luncheon of fresh sushi, tuna, and other delicious delicacies.

Chris Golden, IFE Fellow

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