IFE Dinner to celebrate CS@SC Director and DoD Ambassador, Professor Darin Gray

Coach Kemper and the Institute for Education will host a dinner to celebrate CS@SC Director and DoD Ambassador Professor Darin Gray. More details to follow – by invitation only.

As the Co-Director of the K-12 STEM Center, Darin oversees Center logistics and operations, supervises STEM outreach to K-12 students, forges new partnerships with STEM organizations within and outside of the University, and oversees data-driven program analyses. He teaches an introduction to engineering course and a cybersecurity seminar at USC. Darin is also a sergeant in the California State Guard, which provides cybersecurity training and assists with the cybersecurity of State systems. In 2023, Dr. Gray was announced as NCWIT’s First DoD STEM Ambassador.  Read Dr. Gray’s Bio.


Feb 26 2024
The Cottage


The Cottage