Institute for Education interns play an important role in achieving IFE’s goals. IFE interns must be diligent, dynamic, flexible, and willing to assume responsibility and autonomy when working on important projects. The IFE internship program helps interns develop leadership skills while receiving a real world, hands-on education in how the Capitol City of Washington, DC works. IFE is unique among many organizations in the city in that it provides interns with virtually unlimited possibilities to work on interesting projects. In addition, interns are given invaluable networking opportunities with world leaders.

With a small organizational base, IFE leaders are able to supervise all interns to gauge their abilities and assign projects that are challenging yet rewarding, always with an eye toward developing interns’ practical skills. All projects are geared to match interns’ individual skills and ages. IFE provides interns with access to learning opportunities that are, quite simply, not available in other traditional internships. Please review intern responsibilities available via link in sidebar. 

If you are interested in becoming an intern please email us and tell us why.