IFE Global Compass Leadership Award Recipient, Jenny Shore

The Global Compass Leadership Award is given to an IFE intern, fellow, or other outstanding young person who has demonstrated, on a sustained basis, exceptional leadership, initiative, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurship in enhancing global perspectives, understanding, and connectivity. Jenny Shore, the first recipient of the Global Compass Leadership Award, is the Founder of NEXT GEN and an IFE intern. She has studied Arabic, Hebrew, and French at an advanced level. In addition, she is a classically trained pianist who has played at embassies and other prominent locations throughout Washington, DC. Following her high school graduation last May, she interned at Al Jazeera Arabic. Currently, she is an intern at CBS News’ “60 Minutes.” Jenny plans to attend college in the fall and recently was accepted at Harvard University.

IFE intern, Jenny Shore receives the IFE Global Compass Leadership Award from Virginia Senator Mark Warner, January 2013, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.
GLOBAL COMPASS LEADERSHIP AWARD presented by Senator Mark Warner, D-Virginia