Leadership Program & Award

Leadership is the spark that ignites — the action that gets things moving. The inspiration to kick things off.

The Honorable Ted Olson, Coach Kathy Kemper and Ina Ginsburg present Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with IFE's 2014 Cultural Diplomacy Award.
The Honorable Theodore Olson, Coach Kathy Kemper and Ina Ginsburg present Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with IFE’s 2014 Cultural Diplomacy Award.

IFE provides this spark. It’s the catalyst that connects people, governments, organizations, and philanthropies most effectively.

This is the Leadership Program at the Institute for Education. IFE works behind the scenes to facilitate process and dialogue, to promote change, to forge strategic alliances that will benefit the world community.

The Leadership Program’s activities often involve introducing key players to one another, so that they, in turn, may spark new initiatives and efforts. The process of providing and promoting leadership involves working as a trusted facilitator. The process is non-linear, but it is crucial in nurturing cooperation, participation, and conversation.
IFE is frequently called upon to provide leadership in various ways. Some examples include:

  • IFE provided the spark in bringing the local cultural leadership of the Capital City to welcome and celebrate Mayor Adrian Fenty and Michele Fenty at The Phillips Collection.
  • IFE co-hosted a special kickoff for the 2008 Olympics with the Chinese Ambassadress, Madame XIE, at her residence. Included were congressional and cabinet spouses and special friends of IFE.
  • IFE has provided the spark of leadership to several philanthropic organizations, including the founding of the Center for International Education at Washington International School.
  • IFE assists various developing nations in communicating the nuanced states of their countries to the media, opinion makers, and special friends of IFE.
    IFE frequently welcomes new Ambassadors informally to the Capital City’s leadership. These activities might include a golf or tennis outing, a meal in the Senate dining room, or an invitation to attend the IFE/INFO Public Policy Roundtable forum with special friends of IFE.