Remembering U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg | IFE Tribute Video

I met Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg twenty-seven years ago, when I was a tennis coach to her colleagues on the bench. She took an interest in me; she saw something I didn’t see in myself. She pushed me to think about important social justice issues that weren’t on my radar at the time, going so far as to send me—through the mail—articles she had written or found interesting about women’s rights. I was surprised, honored, and happy that a Supreme Court Justice would take the time to be interested in my education; that was a perfect example of her generosity of spirit. Needless to say, I studied up! Over time, our friendship blossomed. We discussed music, the arts, fashion, and, lately, technology. She was especially generous with her time, giving so much to my family and the Institute for Education community. Her partnership and love story with her late husband Marty was an inspiration for my own relationships. We will all miss a brilliant Justice. I will miss a true friend.

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