INFO Kicks-off its 23rd Season at The Alibi Club

photo 3 (2)On January 8, the Institute for Education held a lunch at the Alibi Club, hosted by IFE Steward Judge William Webster, to discuss technology and innovation. This annual gathering has become an IFE tradition, thanks to Judge Webster’s hospitality. Among those in attendance were members of the diplomatic sphere, the technology and innovation sector, and […]

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IFE celebrates 10th Anniversary of Learn Serve International (LSI)

The festive evening featured keynote speaker Billy Shore, founder of Share Our Strength, and honored Louise McIlhenny and Hugh Riddleberger.  The LSI presented the inaugural Entrepreneurship Award to Jessica Yang (LearnServe ’10) and the Global Perspective Award to James Cunningham. Kathleen Matthews Guests enjoyed live music from the steel drums of CAISO, wine and beer […]

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Mind behind fellows program bids farewell to White House

Please enjoy this article about IFE Emerging Markets Roundtable Co-founder and IFE Fellow, John Paul Farmer. On the last day of the fiscal year, a group gathered in the White House to say goodbye to one of its own. He’s worn different hats during his three years in the Obama administration, but around the White House, John Paul […]

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Learn Serve Mexico 2012

Learn Serve Mexico 2012 IFE fellows and interns shared a weekend during the 2012 Christmas Holiday making a difference in the lives of a needy family in Mexico. Student volunteers brought the labor while Homes of Hope brought everything else. It was a fantastic team building job and they actually built a home. During the […]

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    “At a time when partisanship is driving too many Washingtonians apart, Kathy Kemper’s IFE/INFO gatherings have performed a real – and increasingly rare — service: they’ve brought Republicans and Democrats — and the press — together for civilized conversation about the most important issues of the day.”

    -Judy Woodruff, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer

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    IFE hosted a special panel discussion on "Trickle-Up Innovation" featuring White House Presidential Innovation Fellows (http://bit.ly/1aLZ4SG) on Thursday, March 13th at the Swiss Embassy.